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Sign Up To Viva! 30 Day Vegan Challenge

Go Vegan with Viva! at Vegfest

Sign up to Viva! 30 Day Vegan Pledge now!

Do you wish to eat healthily and start loving your greens and pulses, but stuck on exciting culinary ideas or lasting ways to sustain a lifestyle change? The brand new Viva! 30 Day Vegan Pledge is perfect for you!

Set up earlier this year to follow up the hugely successful Veganuary campaign, the Viva! 30 Day Pledge gives you all the tools and information that you need to successfully transition to a wondrously healthy 100% plant-based diet and stay on it for 30 days. Better still, once you sign up to this scheme, you get free tickets to VegfestUK London – one of Europe's hottest vegan lifestyle shows – where you can sample a full range of delicious global vegan cuisines and absorb potentially life-changing information from many active vegan role models.

Highlights of VegfestUK London include a prominent exhibition area for Viva!, where you can sign up to the Viva! pledge and peruse Viva!'s well-researched literature on plant-based lifestyles as well as their full range of cool merchandise. Four of the Viva! team will be giving the following highly informative talks to help you go and stay vegan:
  • Why you don't need Dairy, by Viva! founder and director Juliet Gellatley
  • The Dark Side of Dairy, by Juliet Gellatley
  • Is Soya a Superfood or a Health Risk?, by Viva! nutritionist and health campaigner 
  • Live Demonstrations of Recipes from the Viva! cookbook, by Viva! food and cookery coordinator Jane Easton
  • 30 Day Vegan Workshop: Improve your Life in Just One Month!, by Viva! deputy director Justin Kerswell together with Jane Easton

To sign up for Viva!'s 30 Day Vegan pledge, visit www.viva.org.uk/30dayvegan To find out more about Viva!, visit www.viva.org.uk or email info@viva.org.uk

VegfestUK London takes place on September 27th 28th at Olympia West and is expected to attract around 10,000 visitors over 2 days. For full info visitwww.london.vegfest.co.uk, or email info@vegfest.co.uk

Other press materials for VegfestUK London are here:
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This Week's Giveaway - Earth Balance VIP COUPONS (USA only)

The first series of recipes on the new cooking app has been available for a month now.  Have you cooked up one of Berlin's iconic recipes yet?  Click here to buy the vegan cook app for iTunes.  Or for Google Play Android version.

I had a few go-to ingredients when putting together the recipes for the cooking app.  I used Earth Balance spread whenever I was veganizing a recipe that used butter.  I put together the series, cooking, photographing etc whilst in the USA and took the opportunity to use Earth Balance to see if it lived up to its reputation.  It did.  I thought it was such a wonderful product which performed perfectly in all my bakes and sauces.

Now I want to you try it.  Earth Balance have 12 VIP coupons to give away (USA residents only).   1 coupon per person to take home any Earth Balance product.  FREE.  

Up to you what you choose but you could try the Mac n Cheese box that I saw one of my favourite vegan bloggers, Kathy review.  She said it was just like the Kraft Blue Box. Well, I have not got a clue what that tastes like but it seems it has the power to bring a watery tear of joy to the eye of many American.  So to find a vegan version I guess it must be good.
You could of course download the V is For Vegetable app and make one (or all) of the recipes.  Apfelkuchen perhaps? Or the unique, dark, dense, poppy seed torte?
Or maybe try one of Earth Balance's range of nut butters, or grab a bag of the 'cheese' puffs to munch on whilst watching a movie?

The choice is yours.

To enter for a chance to win..

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! 

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