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As you may have already guessed..I spend A LOT of time in health food stores.  I LOVE trying new foods and especially since I'm not a resident of America YET, I experiment as much as time, money and the size of my shopping bag allow. 

I thought I'd post about VEGAN yummies that happen to be free of calories, fat, carbs and sugar...I know what you're thinking...its air, right>.....or water!?  What else could contain nothing?  That's what I thought until I saw a post by Hungry Girl about a pasta that isn't..it is made out of tofu and the konjac plant?  Wikipedia has some info here for the curious among you..WikipediaFat Free Vegan has used them too and posted about them.  They come in angel, fettuccine and spaghetti.  I warn you, when you open the packet and drain them, they smell a bit rank, like burning rubber (I KNOW) but run them under a tap and then pat them dry and you are good to go.  I used them whilst on a road trip so didn't have a full kitchen to get real creative but I boiled them for 3 minutes and added them to steamed veggies and put in a spoon of tomato paste and sprinkle some spike, black pepper, cayenne and Himalayan salt on them and mixed it up good and honestly they were delicious.  Quick and simple.  Five minutes, a micro-wave and voila!  Of course, if I had my kitchen I would have gone a bit more gourmet.  Perhaps soak a handful of sundried tomatoes, add some walnuts, tom paste, seasoning, a juicy clove of garlic, blend it all with fragrant basil....Oh yeah.  That'd do it.  But they were good.  I've made a creamy version too with LOW FAT VEGANAISE, brocolli and garlic.  OH MY!  EASY AS!

Where can you get your hands on this packet of wonder????  Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Vons et al.  Super cheap too, like a buck fifty.

The other product I spied high on a shelf was WALDEN FARMS zero calorie, no carb, no fat?! peanut spread. 
 I had to try it, even though it had sweetener in, but I thought what the heck, lets give it a go.  I am so bloody pure usually, a little chemical ain't going to make me keel over!  It was WEIRD.  Not weird bad, just weird...Oh, that's new, weird.  It has the consistency of mousse, it is a little salty..which I like, and it taste of peanut butter, not FULL ON, but...pleasant.  I had it for a dessert with Indian carrot halva.  Made by a beautiful person called Cathy who runs a great little food company in Idyllwild called The Soul Kitchen.  She makes a really fresh and sugar free version out of grated carrot, raisins, pineapple and Veganaise.  It is a salad but I eat it as dessert..just because it is sweet and DELICIOUS!

I borrowed (stole) the picture from their website so I sorry that you get the blurb at the bottom.  As I say the ingredients are not all natural (the splenda sweetener is my main concern).  I did email the company to suggest using Stevia but they said they had no plans to.  Shame, I would buy it buy the bucketful.

There are some calorie free low or no carb soda's out their too.  I blogged about one  a while back Taylors Tonics and their is Zevia and their ginger beer is a throat stripping hot blast of a kicking ass drink.  Bragg also now sell a guilt free, all stuffed with goodness tonic drink, ginger spice, again is my fave.  Bragg Ginger Spice 

I will be posting more products soon.  Check out FatFree Vegan Kitchen   for recipes and some pictures to make you salivate.  I'm in the kitchen again so I'll start posting some recipes of my own too.  I have been following Healthy Happy Life, this blogger called Kathy posted 15 Food photography tips and they are awesome so I hope I'll take on some of her knowledge and improve my own gallery.  Chow (did you see what I did...eh!  eh!) for now. x


Jill 6 March 2011 16:27   Best Blogger Tips

Calorie free..how is that possible!?

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 14:40   Best Blogger Tips

The package does say 0 cal. if you buy the white noodles; and I think they smell like fish. If you by the brown there is no smell they just look strange. I like the brown because there is no smell but they have 5 cal. per serving.

india-leigh,  24 March 2012 14:01   Best Blogger Tips


Oh, I've only had the white ones (yes, agreed, they need a bit of rinsing..but then are good). Did not know about the brown noodles..I shall try these. Thanks for letting us know. x

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 00:10   Best Blogger Tips

Exactly what are your favorite Low Carb Recipes?
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apocketfulofwisdom 23 August 2012 02:50   Best Blogger Tips

did you buy this package of wonder in the uk?

i'd love to get my hands on some!!

thanks and wizard blog, i love it!

india leigh 23 August 2012 03:08   Best Blogger Tips


Hello A Pocketful of Wisdom! Thanks for saying hi. AND for calling my blog WIZARD….DAY MADE!! :) Most Asian stores will stock. Some are made from sweet potato or yam starch (great if you are avoiding soy), or like those shown..tofu. Googling uncovered a few stores http://www.amazon.co.uk/Japan-Centre-Shirataki-Noodles-180g/dp/B003XQKUPS . Please come back and let me know what you make with them. x

Feather 3 September 2012 01:13   Best Blogger Tips

I love the Hungry Girl noodles even though they stink at first!

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