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How to Manage Learning Curves and Swirling Voids - Raw Food and Fermentation

I know, I know, loves.  I'm still not back to the rhythm of posting.  I seem to have entered a period of newness that is taking up all my time. Tinkering is still the buzz and hum word in my kitchen.  I want to be sharing recipes with you but I'm 'taking in' at the moment and experimentation is the mood of the time.  I am helpless to resist.  Honestly, this 'living in the moment' lark, can be scary stuff.  Right now, I've not a clue what I am going to do next.  I am a puppet to some invisible muse!  I'm investing many hours in my kitchen activity.  Hours, spent sat at my kitchen table, my schedule of things to do is presently little more than a resting place for my green smoothies. I'm feasting on Youtube videos.  My hands are pink from washing up.  My cupboards full of dehydrated foods I've experimented with, and my warm cupboard has jars of fermented foods and beverages cuddling up alongside.

So what is going on?  I'm learning. I am always learning.  I will always learn.  Here are 10 facts about the learmning process I've squared with over the years.

  1. Life is WORK.  It will never stop being work....if you want to evolve. Some people stop at a certain point.  Here they stagnate.  Think about it, our body is made up of mostly water.  Water is sweeter when it flows. 
  2. Remain calm and carry on. 
  3. Take little steps. 
  4. Everything passes. 
  5. Know that your life with have an ebb and flow.  You are nature.
  6. Life has a way of working out fine. Always envision the best.
  7. Keep focussing on what you want but not so much that you can't see what you've already got.
  8. Put your attention to the good things. Solutions and discoveries.  Don't ignore what isn't working.  Feeling low, bad, down, sad is your subconcious giving you information to work from.
  9. Adjust, amend and AMEN. Keep the faith. 
  10. ALWAYS BE LEARNING. Curiousity cures many things.

Leo Babauta summed up it up beautifully  Zen Habits - better than I could right now.   (I need to learn how package my knowledge more succintly...it's on the learning list!)

I've been praying a lot lately. Aimlessness has been the order of the day, interspersed with bursts of kitchen activity and chipping at beginnings of books I have plans to write.  I feel I'm on the cusp of a improved alignment with my hopes and dreams for life, and putting them into action.  How, when, where?  This is the uncomfortableness I feel...staring into a void and the mists hanging in static air.
Perhaps I am following the seasons. Literally and metaphorically. I'm planting seeds (for kale and life) in fertile land (feeding myself greens and salads).  I'm now watching for them to break the soil, so I can experince their flourishing.
I want to bring you recipes, findings, new flavours, improved ideas and information that serves.  Be patient.  I'm trying to be (not one of my natural traits).  Kefir, Kombucha, Yogurt, Chips, Crackers, Soups and so much more are on their way.  I'm still learning.

Are you going through a similar transitioning period?  Have you been through it and altered the course of your life?  I have done this before, many times.  Most notably when I left behind a toxic lifestyle, and alcohol, cigarettes, and eating flesh.  My life flooded with colour.  Am I stepping up for even more good? Great to Fabulous.  How did you do it?


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