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How to Manage Learning Curves and Swirling Voids - Raw Food and Fermentation

I know, I know, loves.  I'm still not back to the rhythm of posting.  I seem to have entered a period of newness that is taking up all my time. Tinkering is still the buzz and hum word in my kitchen.  I want to be sharing recipes with you but I'm 'taking in' at the moment and experimentation is the mood of the time.  I am helpless to resist.  Honestly, this 'living in the moment' lark, can be scary stuff.  Right now, I've not a clue what I am going to do next.  I am a puppet to some invisible muse!  I'm investing many hours in my kitchen activity.  Hours, spent sat at my kitchen table, my schedule of things to do is presently little more than a resting place for my green smoothies. I'm feasting on Youtube videos.  My hands are pink from washing up.  My cupboards full of dehydrated foods I've experimented with, and my warm cupboard has jars of fermented foods and beverages cuddling up alongside.

So what is going on?  I'm learning. I am always learning.  I will always learn.  Here are 10 facts about the learmning process I've squared with over the years.

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